Aerial Photo / Video

The introduction of the use of aerial photos and video in real estate has really accelerated in the past couple of years. We’re seeing more real estate agents upgrading their imaging packages regardless of the list price of a property. It used to be that aerial photography was only reserved for luxury properties, but that is simply not the case any more. And with the increased use of video the interest in adding aerial video is skyrocketing too.

We are pleased to provide both aerial photos and video as optional add-ons with any of our photo and/or video packages to keep our real estate agent clients current and competitive.

We also believe the use of aerial photos and video doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so we have priced these additional services to be reasonable based on the amount of additional time that is required. The rates for our aerial photo and video options are described in detail below.

Aerial Photos | $50 add-on

The use of aerial photography can make a huge impact on some properties in certain circumstances. Aerial photos are especially effective when the property itself, or the location of the property within a particularly neighborhood, regardless of the size or style of house or condo, is best viewed from a higher level perspective.

Once we’re onsite, if we believe a property will benefit from showing an aerial perspective, we will always recommend this add-on option performed at the same time as our photo shoots.

The standard rate for an aerial photo add-on is just $50 and will include up to 4 HD images, which is typically more than enough for an MLS listing. If additional photos are requested for an exceptionally large or unique property, we will charge $25 for each additional image. These rates are only applicable when included as an add-on service with our standard photo packages.

Aerial Video | $100 add-on

We are pleased to be able to provide 1080p HD aerial video as an option as well. Aerial video is typically requested as an add-on to one of our video packages, and is most commonly added to our Property Highlight Video package, our premium video option. (You can visit our Real Estate Video page for rates and more information on our video packages). If you have requested one of our video packages, we will usually also recommend the aerial video option as well, although this will depend on the property size and style as well.

The standard rate for the addition of aerial video to one of our video packages is $100. This provides up to a minute of video that will be edited and combined with the video we record on the ground of both exterior and the interior of the property. This covers the cost for the time onsite and in the studio. This rate is only applicable when included as an add-on with our other video packages.

If there are additional aerial photo or video needs, or if our aerial services are not accompanying one of our regular photo or video packages, please inquire for a rate quote based on your requirements.

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If there are any photography services not listed on this page, please contact me to discuss options. I’m happy to assist in any way that I can. – Jeff