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Greeting Friends, Realtors and Neighbors,

I have been a photography hobbyist for much of my life, dating back to when I was a teenager and a college student experimenting with my 35mm film camera. In the earlier years I particularly enjoyed nature and landscape photography, but when I made the switch to digital photography, and my wife and I started raising a family, I began to taking “people pictures”, in addition to landscapes and architecture.

Weekend get-away in the Adirondacks in New York State

Today, as a real estate agent and photographer, I have mastered the art of architectural photography. Of course I shoot all my own property listings, but I’m also doing a great deal of work for other Realtors. Shooting real estate photography has not only helped me to become a better photographer, but it has also made me a better real estate agent. Real estate is a business where the details matter and when capturing images of interiors and exteriors I am more keenly aware of the details in a property. As a real estate agent who is also a photographer I have a unique “photographer’s eye” for every property I walk through, whether its one of my own property listings or another agent’s listing when touring houses with a buyer client.

Family photo shot at Mianus River Park in Stamford, CT

Although real estate photography has become my primary focus in regards to my photography business, I am also providing photography services in other areas, including:

  1. Community and private events
  2. Professional digital head-shots
  3. Portrait photography

Aside from shooting pictures of architecture, community events and professionals, I also enjoy capturing memories with my family, including my wife Antonia and our three teenage boys Matthew, Lucas and Diego. I enjoy traveling and being active in our community as well.

San Gennaro Festival Feast in New York City

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you’ll explore it further and consider hiring my photography services. Visit my Services page to learn more about my capabilities and services as a photographer.

Yours truly,

PS – If you or someone you know needs a professional real estate agent for selling, buying or renting residential real estate in the Greater Stamford area, I welcome your referrals there as well. Visit my real estate website as well at www.JeffWirzRealtyGroup.com.

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